When you are planning for your next travel, you really need to go with one or two quick dry fabrics which can easily be hand wash and hang for few hours. In this article, you will learn why you need quick dry fabrics, and things to look for when buying quick dry fabrics. Surely, this will help to plan your trip.

What is quick dry fabric?

Dry fabric is a pretty new invention, it is virtually everywhere these days. Earlier before now, dry fabrics weren’t existing, what most travelers used to have are synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester.

Dry fabric became a huge demand during the hiking boom in the 70’s when many travelers discovered that hiking in wet clothes could be highly challenging. This is why you really need quick dry fabric at all times. One of the strongest reasons why majority travelers subscribe for quick dry fabrics is that they can completely use it as they travel without any hassle.

Why quick dry fabric is amazing?

One of the things quick dry fabrics does well is moisture wicking. The sole aim of using quick dry clothing is to keep the traveler warm all through the trip. Moisture increases friction between your skin and fabric, this can lead to rashes (wet armpits or wet pants), blisters (wet socks). Quick dry clothing will truly keep your clothes dry.

Clothes getting dry in a trunk

How clothes easily get dry

Dry clothes are produced from woven fibers of fabrics; some are loose, some weaves are tight, while others are thicker. The truth is that the more fibers a cloth has; the more capacity the surface area will absorb moisture such as rain or sweat.

If a cloth has more moisture, it will take more time to get dry when you hang it at the back of a chair in your hotel room, in the dryer or in the sun. Thick clothes usually take more time to dry than thin ones.

Important things to know about quick dry fabrics


This is one of the most innovative and widely used synthetic fabrics. Many travelers subscribe for it because it is perfectly designed to quick dry their travel clothes.  Polyester fibers are extremely hydrophobic and don’t absorb much water- absorbing only about 0.4% of weight in moisture. It dries faster and stays dry all day round.

Polyester is super durable, affordable, and well blended into virtually everything from socks and shirts to pants. One of the drawbacks about polyester is its lack of breathability of fabrics and in-built odor control. Polyester is the right choice if you are going to be stuck few hours on a sweaty bus during your trip.

Quick dry adidas clothes


This is a hydrophobic wonder weave. It absorbs almost the same volume of moisture like polyester, but nylon is more durable than polyester. Nylon blends perfectly well in travel pants and shirts.

Nylon backpack

Merino Wool

Merino wool is odor resistant, lightweight, warm and cozy. It looks really awesome, but the only limitation is that it absorbs about 33% of weight in moisture. It has quality merino fibers. It keeps you warm at all times. It is difficult to see 100% merino in anything except a sweater.

Merino shirts and socks are woven with nylon, and polyester. And significantly it is easier to dry than nylon or polyester. Try to buy merino wool if you can afford it, this is ideal for you if you want to keep yourself warm or wick away moisture from your skin during a hike, then it is important you look for a dry fabric that dries faster and the one you will feel good when you wear it.

Marino Wool jacket


Avid hikers don’t like cotton, not that it is a bad fabric, but simply because it could be extremely terrible when it is wet. Cotton fibers are one of the best water absorbent fabrics available in the market today.

According to some recent studies, it is about 10 times of its own weight in moisture. If you are a lightweight packer, hiker or an active traveler, then you may have to avoid cotton shirts, because it is less absorbent.

Brown Cotton jacket

Which one is the best quick dry fabric to buy?

Finding the best quick dry fabrics will depend exclusively on your destination, what you are doing, how you roll and who you are. After a careful study, here are 3 favorites you can check out:

Outlier Merino T-shirt

This is one of the cutest T-shirts you can try out, and it comes at a premium price, about $110 or slightly more depending on the store. It is about 17.5 microns thick and has the natural capacity to pull moisture from your skin after a long hike.

You can hike with this T-shirt, and still use it to go for dinner. Some hikers have confirmed that Outlier merino T-shirt is one of the best quick dry clothes to check out any day any time.

Outlier Merino T-shirt

Bluffworks Travel Chinos

Travelers love Bluffworks travel chinos for some beautiful reasons- it dries as fast as possible, others are it has a modern and fashionable look, its beautiful color and zipper pockets. You can use it to hike in the rain, and within few minutes, you can wear same cloth to sit comfortably in a bar with friends, colleagues and family. Sometimes, you will notice that it will dry faster than you can ever think of. It is manufactured from a technical polyester fabric, and can be purchased at $125 or slightly higher depending on the store.

Ex officio give N Go Sports mesh boxer briefs

Many travelers have repeatedly confirmed that this travel underwear has the ability to last up to 6 weeks or more. Although this may be absolutely true, but some don’t want to test run it. You won’t regret including it in your wardrobe as you rock on bike rides, hiking trails and at night in the big city without issues. It is super durable and comes at a good pricing option; it can be purchased at $18 or slightly higher from accredited stores.

N Go Sports mesh boxer

Some noticeable issues with quick dry fabrics

Although quick dry fabrics could be a miracle for most travelers, however it is important to know that it has some flaws, and here are some of them:


It is not contestable than quick dry fabrics are overtly expensive; some of their prices fall within the neighborhood of $50 and can go high up to $100. Some high quality pants comes at highly competitive price tags, but the good news is that they worth it. If you are a budget traveler, you are encouraged to go for the one you can afford. You will be extremely happy doing so.


Although some travel underwear are super durable, but it is important to remark that not all of them have this high durability features; some of these fabrics are not strong enough- they break down after few machine washes. This is why you should always read the instructional materials carefully, and make sure you handle it with care. Thin fabrics are not ideal for handling tears and snags.


Besides merino blends, some of the available quick dry fabrics in the marketplace can feel plastic, artificial and clingy.  Many users have confirmed that certain quick dry fabrics are manufactured from cheap materials.

Before you buy any quick dry material, you are strongly advised to check its components and read the reviews left by previous users- all these will motivate you to make the right purchase. Make sure you buy the one that is suitable to your budget and needs. Don’t buy any travel underwear based on its beautiful color or style only; instead buy it because it gives you the needed comfort.


Most quick dry fabrics available in the marketplace are not insulated, even though they may wick moisture from your skin, yet they may lack the ability to give you  required warmth, just like you can get from other dry materials like cotton or flannel and wool. If you need travel underwear that will give you extra warmth, then check out for quick dry materials with a slight merino in them.


It could be extremely challenging to find a quality travel gear that has the style and fit that suits you. Before you buy any one, you are encouraged to try out few options until you get the one that matches your style. This is the way to go if you truly want to look like a cute tourist or avid hiker.


Quick dry fabric is anything that has the ability to dry fast enough to wear within few minutes or hours or the next day as the case maybe. Buying and using any of the credible quick dry clothes discussed above will worth the cost, you can actually buy them without breaking the bank. And you won’t regret doing so.

Merino, although slightly heavier is a great quick dry fabric to try out any day anytime. Polyester blends well, and extremely awesome. Quick dry fabrics are perfectly designed for hikers; it helps them to stay dry and warm especially when the atmospheric weather condition drops. When you are travelling to a new destination, it is important you pack a few lightweight quick dry materials that work for all kinds of trips from city touring, hiking to desert explorations. I believe this article provides some helpful tips that will enable you to shop and pack.

Happy Travels!