Travel sunglasses are one the most essential travel accessories you should pack as you plan your travels, no matter your destination. Just make sure you get a good pair of glasses for yourself, your friends, colleagues and family.

You should wear travel sunglasses both when you are hitting the slopes and/ or touring around warm Caribbean destinations.

Wearing sunglasses is as important to your face; just like applying sun location is to your skin, especially for those with light-colored eyes like green or blue. This type of people is at a great risk of sunlight –related eye damage.

As a traveler, you need a sunglass that will protect your eyes from sun glare, and that is why you are expected to wear quality sunglasses that blocks unhealthy UV-A and UV-B rays. Opt for a sunglass that perfects suits your face shape and ultimately give your eye quality protection.

It is fun to use your sunglasses especially when you are moving from one location to another. This article is a professional guide on best travel sunglasses you should use as you plan your next trip.

Six key things Every Travel Sunglasses must have


Quality trumps quantity. When you are travelling, you need a quality travel sunglass. It is better to buy an expensive travel sunglass that will last longer preferably 5-10 years than buying a cheap one that will last for 1-2 years. Some high quality sunglasses can be purchased at $150 or more.

UV Protection

Undue UV exposure is not good for your eye. Studies have shown that it leads to myriads of long-term eye complications, and one of the noticeable issues is cataracts. Science says that UV rays makes your eye become cloudy and thereby damages the lens inside it. Other eye hazards it can cause is snow blindness.

When this happens, surgery is the only option that will remove the cataracts. However, you can save yourself from this embarrassment by using sunglasses preventative medicine. As a traveler, you are strongly advised to shop for sunglasses that have the capacity to block at least 99% of all UV light.


There are multiple reasons why many celebrities like Kardashians derive maximum pleasure in wearing over-sized sunglasses. Wearing big shades that covers your eye area will surely give you quality UV protection, thereby blocking those rays that may come from different sides of your eyes.

This means that it will minimize potential frown lines and wrinkles. Make sure you protect your eyes, because it is only when it is properly protected that you can safeguard eye wrinkles from forming.


Do you like the style of your travel sunglasses? As a traveler, you will be taking pictures in different key locations. Thus, ensure your travel sunglass fit your personality and face shape. Check yourself in the mirror and ask your friends, let them confirm that what you are wearing is the right fit for you.

Polarized Lenses

Light travels in horizontal form, by scattering almost in all directions-creating glares, thereby reducing your visibility. Thus, you will find so many glares as you travel on water or roadways.

It is important you wear sunglasses that have special filter, because they come with polarized lenses, which blocks this reflected light, thereby making it possible for you to see without squinting.

If your travel sunglasses have polarized lenses, it will save you from multiple health complications such as headaches, fatigue, irritation, and redness.

Best Travel Sunglasses to use

1 – Oakley Gascan ($150)

This great travel sunglass is available on eBay. It is elastic and durable. It is produced with high quality materials and suitable for all kinds of travels. Oakley Gascan has an awesome warranty.

UV Protection – check, it effectively protects your eyes from UV rays.

Style– ideal for men, this travel sunglass is manly, and rugged, but it can as well be worn by ladies.

Polarized lenses- yes

Oakley Gascan

2 – Ray Ban New wayfarer ($190)

Quality– Ray Ban New Wayfarer is manufactured in Italy, and it is built to last with crystal lenses.

UV Protection– Yes

Coverage- this slightly oversized style protects both the bottoms and tops of your eyes. This is ideal for you especially if you are in roadways or water with a lot of reflecting sunlight.

Style- by all standards of analysis, this is a sexy travel sunglass you can use any day any time without issues. It has an amazing look. It gives you peace of mind when you wear it. It makes your face glitters. Some reviewers have confirmed that it flatters their face.

Polarized lenses- check

Ray Ban New wayfarer

3 – Maui Jim ( $199 and above)

This is highly suitable for drivers, both private and commercial. As a traveler you will enjoy using Maui Jim, especially if you will be driving from one location to another. It is a sunglass that is suitable for all situations both the long hours you will be driving and/ or the abuses you may encounter on the road.

Experts say that Maui Jim sunglasses remain the best for your next trip. It doesn’t have any perceptible distortion and weighs about 20.4 grams.

This is one of the clearest lenses you can ever come across. This is a type of sunglass you can wear for hours without hurting your ears, nose or both.

In fact, some travelers have confirmed that after few hours of wearing this sunglass they have forgotten that they were actually wearing a sunglass because it blends perfectly with their eye lids.

The exceptional polarization and clarity plus the scenery of the road ahead and around you look extremely sharper with Maui Jim lenses on. This is a unique sunglass that rightly matches your aesthetic sensibilities.

Maui Jim

4 – Smith Colson ($169)

This is one of the best sunglasses you can ever use. It is elegant, beautiful, and its optics is great for action. It gives optimal comfort to users.

Many studies have confirmed that it is actually best travel sunglasses runner up. It is available in many online stores. In 2016, Outside Online says that it is one of the best sunglasses for travelers. Its sticky rubber is masterfully crafted.

Smith Colson

5 – IIIesteva ‘marianne’ Sunglasses

So many celebrities and tourists are confirming that this slim cat-eye style sunglass is good for your travels. This pair covers your eye very well, and at same time provides 100% UV protection.

IIIesteva ‘marianne’ Sunglasses

6 – IIIesteva ‘Leonard’ Sunglasses

IIIesteva is a great manufacturing company that took the world by storm through their amazing discoveries. Studies shows that they have one of the best travel sunglasses in the world.

Their sunglasses are produced in France and Italy, and they are made from quality, durable materials. If you are looking for a classic eyewear with an aesthetic appeal, then this is the right choice. It is ideal for both men and women. As a tourist, you will never regret using this bestselling travel sunglass.

IIIesteva ‘Leonard’ Sunglasses

7 – SeaSpecs ‘Black Jet’ sunglasses

This unique, beautiful and aesthetically appealing travel sunglass will protect your eyes when you are windsurfing, riding the waves, jets skiing, surfing, etc.

It comes with an adjustable non-removable strap, which you can easily operate with one hand. Also, its frames are perfectly ventilated for clarity. It comes at a very good pricing option.

SeaSpecs ‘Black Jet’ sunglasses

Final Thoughts

We believe this article was helpful. Feel free to use any of the travel sunglasses recommended in this article. You will really be happy at the outcome. The 7 travel sunglasses explained here have been tested, and proven to be effective, and highly reliable.