Walking down the streets of Athens you can sense that this place is special. Mythologies of gods and goddesses, wars, science, philosophy, civilization; there are so many elements that fascinate everyone about Greek culture. Add to that, incredible sights that are on offer and you will be left mesmerized and you have got the perfect vacation spot. Having so many tourist attractions, Greece is very hard to cover within one vacation timeline. Athens provides you a unique chance to get a taste of everything Greece has to offer. Monuments on every corner of the road, a mixture of cultures among common people and scenic beauty of the city will leave you wanting more.

Let’s look at some of the things that makes Athens one of the most desired tourist spots in the world.


If you are in Athens for a day, you MUST visit Parthenon. History of Greek empire along with the natural beauty on offer, this place will leave you breathless. It might look like a steep walk to the top but the view that you get to see once you are at the top, it makes the effort worth it. If you visit during spring or at late winter, this incredible and sophisticated structure is not invulnerable to the expansion of grass and wildflowers which appear to erupt from each split. Even if you have seen a hundred photos of Parthenon, you will still not be inclined to the enormity and the sophistication of the Parthenon. Walking through this incredible structure will send you back to ancient Athens. 

Parthenon in Anthens in a sunny day

Parthenon with the Anthens city behind it

If you are interested in history, Parthenon has a lot to offer. The Parthenon is devoted to the Athena Parthenos by the Athenians. It is known as the most heavenly formation of Athenian emancipation at the stature of its efficacy. Along with that, it is the finest landmark on the Acropolis regarding both origination and execution. The structure was built in the vicinity of 447 and 438 BC, as a component of the more prominent Periklean building venture, this purported Periklean supplanted a prior marble sanctuary, started after the triumph at the skirmish of Marathon at around 490 BC and annihilated by the Persians in 480 BC.

Acropolis Museum:

A walk down the road in front of Acropolis museum and a visit here is the perfect way to round off a perfect day. Covered with various kind of trees and flowers, it’s a pleasant environment overall.

After you reach the museum, while walking through the museum, you will catch glimpses of the Ancient Athenian settlements. The museum includes ancient artifacts such as symposium containers and other everyday items. You will catch a miraculous insight into the ancient life of Athens.

The building itself is a grand masterpiece which was designed in such a way that it resounded and paid respect to its Grecian environment. Strolling through the below level of the museum, you will notice that it is lined up with various archaeological ruins underneath, while the above level sits to one side to mirror the acclimatization of the Parthenon above. It’s the classic exemplification of workmanship impersonating craftsmanship. 

The Acropolis Museum is located in the central part of Athens at the Makrigianni district. The museum is moderately new to the people of Athens, having opened not as much as 10 years prior in the year 2009 as supplant to the small Acropolis Hill museum. A visit to the Acropolis Museum has the ability to put all that you will see at the Acropolis into an incredibly distinctive ambiance, coming to an obvious conclusion regarding the ruins of the marble and filling in the spaces of about 2,500 long periods of history.

Acropolis Museum beautiful picture


Plaka far view

While it is not known from where the name ‘Plaka’ derives but as per the most popular speculation, the district took its name from a huge stone that was found in the area close to Aghios Georgios Alexandreias church, by the Dionysus old theatre. You will be enthralled by the magnificence of the homes with its neoclassic hues, the incredible architecture, and the nobility and the environment of the entire area.

The narrow and twisted boulevard of the Plaka, which is boisterous with both music and history, surrounded by wide windows and pervaded balconies overflowing with exotic flowers. Strolling through the beautiful streets, you will notice that the most stunning and exuberant city of Athens is blended with various intricate architectural elegance. The city is the origin of about all the remarkable structures and monuments that express the spirit and ardor of Ancient Athens.

The atmosphere of Plaka is very different with its temperate, clear and amazing fragrances that is similar to a blessing from divine beings. At Plaka, it is a must to visit the Filomousos Eteria Square which is the central square of the area. The square is situated in the crossing point of Kydathinaeon, Farmaki, Olympian Zeus and Aggelos Gerontas roads and is loaded with cafés and clubs with live music. Also, there are numerous gift shops.

Herodes Atticus Odeon:

One of the most amazing and remarkable sites in Athens, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus is situated underneath the hills of the Acropolis on the southwest side. At the time when Pausanias, the Greek explorer, and geographer from the second century AD, went to Athens amid the rule of Marcus Aurelius, he depicted the Odeon theatre as the finest of its creation. In the ancient Athens, the Herod Atticus Odeon was constructed for classic musical recitals and this old stone venue has hosted man of the largest musical concerts in the 20th 21st century which includes Frank Sinatra, Nana Mouskouri and much more.

It is generally referred to by local people as just “Herodeon”. It was constructed between 160AD – 174AD by the rich sponsor of Athens, Herodes Atticus as a tribute to his late spouse Rigilla. It was the third Odeon to be worked in Athens and was unmistakably Roman as opposed to the adjacent Theatre of Dionysos. With its Roman archways and triple story stage, it was initially halfway secured with a wood and tiled rooftop. The round ensemble has now turned into a semi-circle with highly contrasting marble on the surface. There are 35 rows and the marble theatre broadens somewhat past a semi-circle with a distance across of 80 meters and today it can sit more than 4500 people.

Herodes Atticus Odeon

Ancient Agora:

Visiting the Ancient Agora will take you to the streets of Ancient Greece. The Ancient Agora of Athens is situated in the shadow of the Acropolis is the central square to the ancient Athenians. This incredible place is the most magnificent agora of the ancient Greek. You can visit the entire area within few hours by meandering through its shady avenues. The Ancient Agora was a commercial center, as well as the seat of government, religious movement, equity, and industry. While walking through the marvelous grounds of the Ancient Agora, you will have an ideal perspective of the Acropolis, transcending above you. It is anything but difficult to perceive how the ancient Athenians would have considered this to be the home of riches, influence and the divine beings themselves.

 Ancient Agorain a sunny day

The city of Athens offers its tourists all the amenities and services. You will be able to find contentment, adventure, and warmth. Athens’ unique culture, its easy receptiveness, and the rich history make it an ideal place for vacation with friends and family. It is a place where if you follow the golden rule that every minute of a holiday should have an eye-opening and breath-taking moment, you will definitely enjoy every second you spend in the city of Athens.