This article explains basic concepts you really need to know about packing cubes and space bags or compression bags; both their similarities, pros and cons and why you need them for your next trip.

Travel Packing Cubes

They are rectangular bags produced from sturdy fabric; they look and serve as a mini suitcase. With these packing cubes, you can pack your stuff efficiently and effectively without issues.

Most travelers or tourists prefer to use packing cubes to organize their clothing before placing them inside their suitcase or backpack. If you intend to travel in recent time, it is better to buy packing cubes in a set. It is available in different sizes, colors and handles.

3 reasons why you should use packing cubes?

You will never regret using packing cubes; instead you will always enjoy using it. If you are travelling with them, you will know that they are truly game changers. There are multiple benefits that come with using packing cubes namely:

 It keeps your luggage efficiently organized

Packing cubes helps to package your items together; you can keep one for tops, another for undergarments etc. packing your luggage efficiently organized is good for your trip; so that you will always know where to find any of your items at anytime.

It keeps your clothing wrinkle-free and neat

Packing cubes enables the traveler to package rolled or folded clothing carefully, so that they don’t get wrinkled.

Small items stay organized

Without packing cubes, your small items like pair of underwear, tank-tops, socks, etc are more likely going to disappear midway in your travels. Packing cubes are easy to use, highly convenient and straightforward.

Packing cubes can absolutely be used to store electronics, toiletries and other items.  To use your packing cubes effectively, all you need to do is simply to group your clothes together, do not under or overfill the cubes.

Buying Packing Cubes

The best way to avoid over-packing is to ensure you buy at least one or two bigger and smaller packing cubes. They are durable, well-made and built to last. For example, let’s look at two essential packing cubes:

Tortuga Outbreaker packing cubes

This type of packing cube is durable, and they are made from sturdy fabric. They are lightweight, easy to use, simplified and come with different sizes, colors and handles. Their zippers don’t break.

You will never regret using Tortuga outbreaker packing cube in your next trip. It can be bought at an affordable price. With $59, you can buy 3.

how to pack well a suitcase

Setout packing cubes

This type of packing cubes is exclusively designed to fit all kinds of contours as you travel. There is no wasted space inside it. It comes at an affordable pricing option.

a man putting things to pack in a compression cube

Travel Compression Bags and Sacks

Sacks, compression bags, and packing cubes are mainly functional and rigid bags you can perfectly put into more compact parcel.

Specifically, they can help to organize your bag and fit into smaller space without issues. There are two main types of compression bags namely:

  • travel compression bags and
  • home storage compression bags

Both aren’t the same; they share few similarities and major differences. Travel compression bags come with some varieties like giant, zip-looking bags, nylon stuff-sac bags. They are lightweight, sturdy, and perfectly designed for use as you travel.

Home storage compression bags are not well structured to compress without a vacuum. Oftentimes they may not be suitable for what you need in your trip.

Why you need to use space bags or compression bags?

Do you want to organize your luggage? Then there are multiple ways of using a compression bag such as:

  • Packing your clothes more compactly, thereby giving you the privilege of packing more items into your bag. But ensure you don’t pack more than you need.
  • Compression bags can enable you to pack little stuff from checked bag to carry on only into a smaller bag successfully.
  • Compression bags enables you to store your dirties in a different compression sack, and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the bag.

Common features to look for in compression bags

If you want to select a compression bag, then you will have to make a choice between nylon stuff-sack type and a plastic compression bag.

Stuff-sack is best options for top-down, traditional or conventional backpacks, while plastic compression bags can fit perfectly in square luggage like Tortuga travel backpack or suitcases.

If you are looking for a durable, elastic and lightweight compression bags, then the following are few good choices:

Eagle Creek ($30 for 3)

This is designed for all kinds of travels. Eagle Creek can be compressed manually by either squeezing or rolling the air out. While using it, make sure you don’t overstuff it so that you don’t run into unnecessary issues.

Eagle Creek

Lewis N.Clark compression packers

They can be bought at $10 for 3. They are decent to use, but it will take you a lot of time to squeeze and roll the air out. Also, it has an easy to lose clip.

Lewis N.Clark compression packers

Gobi Gear’s SegSac

This is well made, and built to last innovative product. It has about four compartments inside it, so as a traveler, you can organize what is inside it without issues. Many travelers are happy with Gobi Gear’s Segsac, because it can compress and at the same time organize.

Gobi Gear’s SegSac

Sea to Summit

This can be acquired at $15-35 for 1. This is something you can use frequently for camping, bike touring and all kinds of travel. Use sea to summit anytime you need a bag that you can squish clothes into.

With straps connecting the bottom and the top, you can actually compress or keep the bag closed or even both. They are available in different sizes, colors and handles. They are also waterproof, and highly durable.

Sea to Summit

Packing cubes Vs Compression bags?

The answer is that two of them are unique. Go for packing cubes, if you really want to organize. Get a sack or compression bag if you intend shrinking the size of your clothes. Here are more comprehensive information you should know both:

Packing cubes


  • simple to use
  • lightweight
  • durable than compressed bags, and
  • tends to keep your luggage highly organized


  • they are not suitable for traditional backpacking
  • more suited for travel or roller bag backpacks, and
  • they fit reliably into the Tortuga backpacks

Why you need to use it?

Packing cubes is ideal for you if you really want to avoid rummaging around to find things, keep your clothes neatly folded, and bags organized.

More so, they assist you in quickly packing and unpacking as you travel. Tortuga packing cubes remains the right option in your travel backpack.

Compression bags


  • Enables you to compress excess bulk and pack more stuff in your bags.
  • Extremely cheaper than packing cubes.


  • clothing get easily wrinkled,
  • Most sacks or compression bags don’t have enough compartments.

Why it is necessary to use it?

  If you are travelling with large number of clothes and/ or you want the clothes to take smaller space in your bag, then you should buy compression bags. Compression bags are extremely useful for those travelling in vastly different climates.

What you should buy?

The following are good compression bags you should use:

  • Sea to summit,
  • Eagle creek, and
  • Gobi gear