Today, avid travellers can authoritatively confirm that there are so many cases of theft and pick pocketing in different destinations of the world especially if you are travelling to any of the developing countries.

So during your next trip, whether you are travelling to a developing or developed destinations, it is essential you take necessary steps in ensuring  your luggage are safe whether you are travelling by flight, train or bus.

This is the main reason why you should always carry a small bag along with you, and ensure that the bag is safe- the bag should also be watertight or impact-resistant.

Travelling with a carry-on bag is very important for multiple reasons- you should put in this bag all precious documents such as passport, jewellery, mobile phone, wallets, laptops, camera, etc.

All these are important documents that will make your trip truly enjoyable and fun-filled. Travelling with a bag can prevent you from experiencing theft and ensure you have a fun-filled vacation experience.

Below are top 4 amazing safety tips that will keep your backpack secure from nasty, dirty thieves you may encounter in your trip:

Rule 1: Please don’t make yourself an easy target

Thieves are lazy people who always prowl round looking for travellers to steal from. Please don’t be their easiest targets. Don’t make yourself vulnerable- don’t give them impression that you are careless with your travel bags.  Don’t keep your bags where they can easily see or have access to it whether you are travelling alone or with groups of friends or family.

Keep in mind that thieves and pick pockets work in pairs- one person may create a distraction, while another person will steal your bag. You really need to be smart, and don’t be their targets.

Keep your bags in a safe place. Secure your bag, keep it beside your leg or carry it in your arm or strap it at your back, so that thieves won’t have access to your valuables whether you are sleeping on a train, eating or chatting with friends  in a restaurant or at the airport or anywhere in the  public space. Ensure your bags are zipped up tight.

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Rule 2: Carry your keys along with you

It is important you carry your keys anywhere you are going at all times. Keep your keys inside your bags, because leaving your keys unattended to could make your expensive items susceptible to pick pockets and thieves. Keep your bags in the seat beside you or in your feet anywhere you are.

The best and most effective ways of safeguarding your keys is by keeping them inside your bag and carry it always whether you are in your hotel room, in the restaurant, or in a bar, in a train or at the airport.

If you are leaving your hotel room to visit a location, kindly keep your important documents in your bag, lock it up, drop your key at the reception or go with it if you don’t have confidence that your items will be safe upon your return.

In this way, your bags and all its contents will be safe, and you can raise alarm should any strange thing happen to your bag in your absence. Some travel experts says it is better to drop your keys with the reception than travelling with it anywhere you are going. However, if you are uncomfortable with the place you lodge, the best thing would be to change to a new hotel or location. Don’t lodge in a place that will make you vulnerable to be robbed or attacked by hoodlums.

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Rule 3: Get organized

Travel advisors confirmed that organization is the most effective defence, and being organized is one of the best things that can ever happen to your trip. Don’t be disorganized, because if you are disorganized you will lose precious items, waste time, and be a likely target for pick pockets or thieves.

Travelling is a beautiful thing, but it can be an exhilarating experience if you didn’t prepare or plan for it. Make sure you carefully pack your items inside your bag beforehand, and always plan for unforeseen situations that may arise in your trip.

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Organized travellers are happy, and they have more fun than those who didn’t prepare very well for the trip.  Invest quality time to check travel regulations as you pack, know things to carry along and things you shouldn’t take along with you.

Photocopy your passport and other essential documents- make a photocopy of your credit card information, personal identification and the front page of your passport so that if any of the originals destroy, get lost or stolen, having photocopied documents can speed the process of getting a replacement. More so, keep the photocopies separate from the originals so that you won’t lose both at the same time.

Protect your small valuables- keep your currencies and other documents safe in watertight, impact-resistant bag.  If you are unsure of the laundry facilities you may encounter in your destination, then opt for clothes that can be washed easily whether by hands or with washing machines.

You really need to be careful, especially if you will be travelling with your laptop, keep it in your possession all the time; this will prevent it from being manhandled or fall into the wrong hands.

Rule 4: Don’t Panic

As you travel, make sure you are preparing to learn new things, learn a new language, learn new cultures and associate with new people. Knowledge is power says Francis Bacon, so don’t be afraid to learn new things. The more you learn, the better you will perform, and the more fun you will experience.

Furthermore, learn from locals- know what they eat, how they eat, how they sleep, how they greet, how they relate with each other,  and also know whether you need a flashlight, sunglass etc.

Don’t panic and be open to learn new things- pack your expensive items in your bag, and do everything possible to protect it from thieves or hoodlums. Get travel insurance. Put all your travel documents in your bags so that they won’t be stolen or get lost or destroyed.  Travelling could be a lifetime experience you won’t forget in a hurry- especially if you plan very well for it.

So make sure you use locks and lockers when and where necessary, keep your important travel documents safe, employ the hacks, and be prepared for theft, but if it happens, do not panic.


Travel experts advise you to take anything of value along with you. Carry all valuables in your carry-on bags like specialized cameras or innovative prototypes such as passport, money, credit cards, etc.

Get travel insurance as you travel-this is very important, use locks and lock valuables inside your bags, and carry the bag along with you. This will surely prevent you from unforeseen or foreseen common thievery.

Finally, whether you are travelling to familiar or unfamiliar places, you should adhere strictly to these four safety rules: Please don’t make yourself an easy target, carry your keys along with you, get organized, and don’t panic.

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